I wear this for the other 16
It is hard to find the words to describe how much this story means to me. Hands down my best assignment and a highlight of my career, overall. Meeting Mr. Adkins was an honor I will never forget. Not only did this story challenge me but it also won my very Alabama Press Association award. I take very little credit for that, the value was in Mr. Adkins' story. I just tried to do it justice.

Women building their future in engineering
I always relish having the opportunity to meet and profile women who are trailblazing new paths in their careers and personal lives.

Do Not Surrender to the Mom Jeans
Connecting with people is a reason that I started blogging several years ago. Making people laugh is one of the greatest feelings in the world. I have often found that it is easier to get your point across with a joke and a smile.

Career hits crescendo with next movement
Carlos was one of the first contacts that I made at the Rocket and he was always 110% helpful with anything I needed over the years. We had a great working relationship and he was just a really super guy (and fellow Tennessean, natch) so I had a personal interest in telling his story. I can't take credit for the headline -- I was stumped and went to our copy editor who is much more pithy than I.

Working dogs sniff out dangerous devices
I had a personal connection to this assignment due to my own beloved childhood dog Raphael, who was our family pet when he wasn't out searching for dead bodies. My father trained military dogs while serving in the Air Force and later owned his own dog training agency. We were between photographers so I shot my own pictures for this story. We now have a staff photographer whose work is absolutely brilliant, but I did my best to hold down the fort. I am proud (and a little shocked) that this story took home a first place award from the Alabama Press Association.